Converting Online Leads Into Appointments For Your Law Firm

Posted on: 13 July 2017


Today's consumers often rely on information gathered online when making purchasing decisions. This can be especially true when it comes to retaining important services, like legal representation. Having your law firm's website equipped to allow for lead generation is important, but converting these leads into appointments is the best way to increase your firm's cash flow.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to increase your legal lead conversion rates in the future.

1. Hire someone to specifically address online leads.

Leads that are generated online are typically considered to be warm leads. A consumer sending your law firm an email message or filling out your firm's contact page has some interest in retaining legal services.

While relying on the Internet to help you  make the initial contact with an interested consumer can be beneficial, in order to convert these leads into paying appointments you will need to provide personal service. Hire someone to be in charge of addressing online leads. Having a real person respond to an email message or place a phone call can help an interested consumer feel more confident in retaining your law firm for representation in the future.

2. Follow up more than once.

In addition to ensuring that each legal lead generated through your firm's website is addressed by a dedicated employee, it's important that you ensure your firm is following up with interested consumers more than once.

It's not uncommon for the initial return email message or phone call to go unnoticed. If your firm fails to reach out to a potential lead additional times, the lead will likely disappear. Scheduling follow-up correspondence for all consumers who do not respond after the initial contact will help your firm increase the rate of conversion for legal leads generated online.

3. Script your responses.

Another simple way that you can convert your online leads into paying legal appointments is to script your firm's responses. Having a marketing company help you create a welcome email that contains language that will motivate a consumer to schedule an appointment can be beneficial.

Scripting your responses allows you to track several different versions of the response to determine which produces the highest rate of return, and it ensures that your online leads are each receiving adequate information upon follow-up to help them make the decision to retain your firm.

Making a few simple changes to your response structure when corresponding with online legal leads will help you convert more leads into paying appointments that can increase your firm's profitability in the future.