Three Steps Setting Up An Appealing Website For Your Medical Concierge Service

Posted on: 23 January 2017


If you are a medical professional looking to run a medical concierge service, you will need to attract customers and clientele of your own. To do this, you will be able to seek out clients via business contacts and advertising in your general area. One of the best ways to go about finding new clients for your concierge service is to create a website and participate in online marketing. This way you can target your general area and those looking for health care for your new business. Here are three tips for creating a medical website that is appealing and attracts the right customers. 

Introduce the medical care staff

One of the most important pages that you should have on your medical concierge site is a page introducing your staff. Knowing how many people are on staff, what their specialties are, and who they are is important for customers. A staff introductions page with personalized and well-written bios will attract a number of customers. The staff bio page should be at the very bottom of the main page or on one of the first sections of the website. Use soft colors on the website and professional photographs in medical gear. 

List your specialties and coverage area

In order to get the perfect optimization for online advertising, you will need to make clear what areas you service. In order to do this, the website must name the areas in the city that you and the staff of your concierge business work. In order to further optimize your website for location purposes, you should name some well-known landmarks and places of interest in the areas that you service. This will bring attention to you for those who may be moving to the area or who may live in the area and are looking to explore. 

Explain what makes your business special in a few words

When looking for a medical concierge, your customers need to know that you are able to meet their medical needs in a timely and unstressful manner. When creating your website, you need to relay the ease of service that you provide to those who will subscribe to your service. In a few clear sentences or paragraphs, highlight the types of service you provide and why they should select your medical service over a hospital or a home visit doctor. Bullet points or short catch phrases are especially helpful. Highlighting the particular benefits on the home page will convince visitors to subscribe to your service immediately. Talk to a web designer for more information.