Common Questions about Developing a Mobile App for Your Company

Posted on: 17 June 2015


Marketing has experienced a dramatic change in recent years as a result of the growth of the Internet and mobile phone technology. Many people rely almost exclusively on their cell phones as a computing device, and as a result, it is critical for enterprises to be positioned to reach these potential customers. Yet, this will likely involve the creation of a mobile application, and if you are not particularly tech savvy, you may benefit from having these two questions addressed. 

How Can a Mobile App Help with Marketing Your Company?

There are many business leaders that fail to appreciate how a mobile app can benefit their company. One of the ways that an app can be most effectively used is to retain your existing customers. This can be done through the use of tools in the app that make it easy for the customer to buy your product or order your services. For example, you can include a functionality that will allow the customer to call your company with the push of a single button. 

While automatic calling can make it easy for customers to reach out to your business, the app can also be used to allow customers to track the status of their order or to even outright purchase your product or service without ever needing to make a phone call. To help you decide between these various options, a skilled mobile app development company will work with you to build a solution that has the functionalities needed to make your business a success while also keeping it within your budget. 

Why Do You Need Separate Apps for the Major Phone Platforms?

Unfortunately, there are many different operating systems that can power phones, and this means that you will need to have multiple versions of the app developed. Sadly, there is no way around this problem because each operating system is designed to work differently and they are also built using entirely different programming languages. 

To minimize the cost of developing these multiple versions, you will need to keep the number of functionalities as low as possible. Also, you can minimize the cost of developing these versions by only concentrating on the most popular phone operating system in your target area, and the app development company will likely be able to provide you with this demographic information. 

Developing a mobile app for your enterprise is quickly becoming a necessity for those operating in highly competitive markets. By using these apps, you can effectively retain customers, which can reduce your advertising expenses while also increasing revenues. Understanding how these apps can benefit your company and why you will need separate versions made will help you to better understand this marketing tool and what to expect from having it made. For assistance creating a mobile app, talk to a mobile app development company.