Tips For Maintaining Your Business's Website: Advice For Beginners

Posted on: 5 June 2015


If you're a small business owner without a website, your company could be virtually invisible to a slew of potential customers. Well designed webpages can increase a business's exposure and attract new customers. These tips will help you design a professional website for your business. 

Find a Content Management System that Works for You

In the old days, small businesses bought WYSIWYG software for their website needs. WYSIWYG (which stands for "What You See is What You Get") allowed anyone and everyone to make and manage their own websites. These software applications, while effective, were more complicated than laypeople could effectively handle.

Today, small businesses rely on Content Management Systems (CMS), like online blog publishers, to manage their content. Content Management Systems have streamlined and simplified the web design process, so that small business owners can manage a professional looking website with relative ease. Content Management Systems are searchable by web engines and feature attractive templates. With the right CMS, even the least web-savvy business owner can make a simple and effective web site. 

Keep It Simple

If you're not a web guru, it's easy to bite off more than you can chew. While you're learning the basics of making and maintaining a website, limit your site to a few pages of simple content. As you learn the basics of web design, set goals for yourself to expand your web site a little at a time. 

Proof Read

If you're writing all your own content, have someone else in your company—or outside your company—proofread what you've written. Typos are easy to miss and can detract from the quality of your website.

Avoid Colors and Other Customizations Outside the CMS Template

Customizations are powerful tools, but in the wrong hands can make your website look all wrong. Your CMS was made by smart web developers and graphic designers who were highly experienced and knowledgeable about what looks good and works well on the Internet. Assume that the professionals knew what they were doing and stick to the standard templates. 

Know When to Seek Outside Help

Know when to find a good digital marketing services company. You may be capable of making a website with a CMS, but are you capable of putting your website at the top of search queries? With the right digital marketing company, your business can draw more customers and more business via the Internet. Knowing when to contact the professionals can make all the difference in the world for your business. For more information about how your company can benefit from professional web marketing solutions, contact a web marketing service in your area today.